Sunday, February 5, 2012

i got my eyelashes permed!!

dudes. DUDES. i need to tell you about something that has changed my life. and it involves my eyelashes. i got them PERMED.

now i know you're probably like "you got your who what'ed??" because that's what i thought when i googled this randomly one night. first, let me tell you the sad story of a girl with straight as an arrow eyelashes.

eyelash perm before

these were my eyelashes with no mascara or curling whatsoever.

i know this is going to sound crazy but my eyelashes have been a point of contention every morning when i get ready. i have relatively long eyelashes, i've been told, but they are super duper straight. and they resist any curling whatsoever. i have used the super expensive eyelash curlers that "every makeup artist uses" and the super cheap eyelash curlers you can buy at walgreen's. they would help my eyelashes hold a curl for maybe two minutes. then they would proceed to head south. mascara would help but only very little. it was sad for my little eyelashes.

but then, i got them permed.

eyelash perm after

these are my eyelashes NOW with no mascara or using an eyelash curler.

i have pretty much thrown my eyelash curler out. i haven't had to use it all since i got this done and it has seriously changed my life. i am SO happy with the results.

so if you are like me and this sounds like the most amazeballs thing ever, let me give you the deets.

first of all, i had a hard time finding someone in my area that does this. i ended up finding a lady who does this and only this out of her mom's permanent makeup salon. i was a little hesitant having someone put chemicals right next to my eyeballs but she explained the process and said she had been doing it for several years. i guess you can buy a kit to do it yourself, but obviously you would need a friend to help because your eyes have to be closed for most of the process.

she had me lay down and applied these little squishy rods that had adhesive to them to my upper eyelashes. this makes your eyelashes automatically stick to this rod and take the shape of the rod. we didn't do anything to my lower lashes so she applied this special tape to cover them up. then she applied the stinky solution (if you've ever had your hair permed or chemically straightened, this smell will be familiar to you) to my eyelashes and i had to sit there with my eyes closed for about fifteen minutes. then she applied a second solution and i had to wait another fifteen minutes. then, bada bing bada boom, you've got curly eyelashes! it's as simple as that. i had to not get my eyelashes wet until the next day but that was the only aftercare i had to adhere to. you can use whatever mascara you want.

the only thing that kinda sucks about it is the cost. i paid about $45 ($55 with tip) to have this done and it is only expected to last about 4-6 weeks. now, for someone who can't justify a weekly or even monthly pedicure/manicure trip, this is hard for me to imagine doing every month. but i honestly can't imagine going back. this is just one of those things that makes me feel instantly prettier. i could have no other makeup on, just woke up and it brings my happiness level up a notch. i think that could be worth about fifty bucks a month.

i'll let you guys know how it holds up. i'm only one week in but they still look as good as day one!


  1. it looks great! i have straight as an arrow lashes too. i used to get extensions but getting it done all the time causes my lashes to get thinner so i stopped. i've thought about perming them but kind of scared the whole process of the curling solution and all that stuff.

  2. That is crazy! Crazy awesome! I've never even heard of it! I have the same problem. I think I'd be nervous to try just having all those chemicals near my eyes!!

  3. Your lashes look great and may I offer another suggestion?

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  4. Just reading blogs via twitter and came to yours! I am so glad I did. I've always wanted my eyelashes permanently curled but to be honest, didn't even know they actually did it. Too bad it doesn't last longer though. I always feel like I look more awake when my lashes are curled. Thanks for sharing!


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