Friday, February 10, 2012

jc at twenty months

jc at twenty months

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so cue the mommy guilt but i totally skipped out on jc's nineteen month post. i don't know what happened but before i knew it, it was the end of january and his twenty month birthday was like five days away. so i told myself that i would make it a priority to do his twenty month post right away, on time even, but then that didn't happen either. so here we are, nine days after his twenty month birthday. so jc, if you ever read this, mommy loved you just as much during your nineteenth month of life as ever.

sorry for the lame iphone picture but this has been what is holding up this post. jc is still sick and now i'm sick so an iphone picture is what we are going to have to work with!

speaking of being sick, it has been a pretty rough couple of weeks around these parts. jc had a low fever for a few days with no other symptoms but he was MISERABLE. he finally got over it for a couple days and then BAM he got a cold. so we've been nursing this cold for the past few days and it finally seems like we are on the other side of the hill. but now i'm sick so we're a bunch of mouth breathers over here. you think that having your kid at home and not in daycare will help keep them healthy but i swear someone sneezes across the aisle at target and jc is sick.

minus the sickness, jc has been turning into the most rambunctious little toddler. i really can't believe that he will be two in less than four months. it is boggling my mind. he loves to get into everything and is constantly doing something. he's been doing so much better with the other little boy that i watch twice a week. they are doing a very good job of sharing (germs especially) and respecting each other's space which is so much more than you can ask for with a 20 month old and a 14 month old. there is still the occasional fight over a toy but for the most part, they play very well together.

one big leap we've experienced is jc's use of the word "no". while this can be a very frustrating time with him saying "no" to EVERYTHING but it actually helps when i offer him choices, especially at meal times. lately it's been horrible because apparently sick jc simultaneously wants nothing and everything. but under normal circumstances, this word can be very useful. i'm still waiting for this "burst of language" that's supposed to happen around this time. i know it will help a lot with jc's frustrations if he can actually tell me what he wants. it will help with my frustrations too.

right now jc likes garbage trucks, dogs (cats are still his favorite though), pretending to crash his matchbox cars together and trying to put on mommy and daddy's shoes. his favorite books right now are the very hungry caterpillar and a yo gabba gabba book called "it's nice to be nice". his favorite foods are yogurt, cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit snacks and crackers. sleep schedule is still the same, one nap in the middle of the day that lasts about 2-3 hours. we still only have eight teeth. no canines or molars. i was actually really hoping that these illnesses were signs of teething but no such luck. i've been risking my poor fingers everyday checking to see if there's any new chompers in there with no avail.

i saw this idea over at suzanne's blog so i'm going to copy it because that's how i roll. sometimes i feel stuck trying to write about new things jc is doing every month because i forget about all the little things. i'm going to compare jc to the twenty month milestones even though he was almost two months premature. so here are some twenty month milestones according to babycenter and how jc is stacking up:

mastered skills (most kids can do)
Feeds doll - jc LOVES to feed his teddy bear and other lucky stuffed animals
Takes off own clothes - he can take his zipped up jacket off and his socks off. and his pants have magically been off a couple times after his nap.
Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away - he likes to put garbage in the garbage can, if that's what this means. i even gave him an empty fruit snack box to play with the other day and he took it straight to the recycling can. al gore would be so proud.

emerging skills (half of kids can do)
Learns words at a rate of ten or more a day - when it comes to understanding them, this is probably true but saying them out loud? definitely not.
Can walk up stairs (but probably not down) - he walked (not crawled) up one step at our friend's house the other day all by himself. stairS, i'm not so sure.

advanced skills (a few kids can do)
May start exploring genitals - bahahahahaha i guess you could say jc is baby genius in this area heh
Draws a straight line - not on purpose
Names several body parts - he can say "nose" but cannot say any other words that identify body parts. but if you ask him he can point to his hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, arm, elbow, hand, fingers, belly, booty, weiner (we are real scientific over here), thighs, legs, knee, foot and toes.


  1. I totally stole the BabyCenter milestones from someone else, although at this point I can't even remember who.

    I LOL'd at his baby genius ability to find his wiener. I'm kind of a bad person.

  2. Aw happy 20 months little dude! JC sounds like a smart kid, and like he's right on track ;) don't beat yourself up over being on time or remembering all of the month milestones....I just think about how little I would be documenting if I didn't have a blog at all, and then I feel like I'm doing a fantastic job ;)


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