Tuesday, November 29, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesday: jc loves maru the cat

More videos for you! If you are a regular YouTube browser and you regularly search for "funny cat videos" like me, you are probably familiar with Maru the cat. He's pretty much the most amazing cat ever. While wasting some time last night, we decided to let JC see Maru for the first time because I was pretty sure he would be totally into it. JC is completely obsessed with cats and thinks that everything they do is absolutely hilarious. We were definitely not disappointed.

And here is the video that he was watching.

Cut to about 45 seconds for the good stuff. Oh and if this is the first time you are seeing Maru, you're very welcome.


  1. Awesome! Both made me lol. And I don't lol for just any cats:)

  2. Stopping by from The Paper Mama's WW Linky...

    That is hilarious. I showed Baby T the Maru video, and he thought it was all right. I showed him the video of JC laughing, and he cracked up! Thanks for that!!

  3. Hey! Found and following ya from Young and Restless blog hop:)

    I love Maru!! (Love JC's reaction!!) Hubbys now searching for more!! Looking forward to reading more from you! :)


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