Saturday, November 19, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.26

So I skipped last week's iPhone photo recap because I only took two pictures. And both of them were pictures of shoes.

But this week, I got my new iPhone 4S!!!!! Finally! Needless to say, I was super stoked to play with my new phone all week. So you get 12 pictures. Now, I went from a 3GS to a 4S so this is a big step up for me. Hello forward facing camera!

Other updates this week: JC was obsessed with being shirtless, playing on the piano and "AP-PHA" (otherwise known as applesauce). Oh and god forbid you try and feed it to him. He HAS to feed himself. This stage is starting. It actually is kind of nice and he hasn't been too messy yet. That's actually how he ends up shirtless most of the time now. I also finished my scarf, got way too excited about a particular shelf of books at Goodwill, and watched my neighbors cut down THREE twenty foot trees. Crazy-ness. JC and I have also been nursing colds for the past few days so that's always awesome.





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  1. Stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday and following your blog via GFC
    would love a return gfc follow :)

  2. following you via the Super Stalker Sunday blog hop. :)


  3. Found you via the super stalker sunday hop and glad I did.
    I am your newest follower and giggling as I read your post!
    Cause it is so me lol... I love my iPhone4s amazing and yes that whole front facing camera is so sweet and great for checking out your makeup, food in teeth etc lol. And OMG baby sitter's club?! Ahh I loved those!! They were the best back in the day tehehe. Happy end of weekend!
    -Meesh :)

  4. oh wow! look
    at your baby boy!
    he is so cuteeeeeeeeee
    my favorite picture is
    the one sucking his thumb <3
    too freaking cute!

    by the way hun
    My friend Summer and I
    are hosting a Secret Santa
    Blogger Style! I would love
    for you to be a part of it!

    stop by my blog and join us!

    If you can please help us
    spread the word i would really
    appreciate it !!


  5. I loved the Baby Sitter Club books growing up. And Sweet Valley High...classic! Love he pic of JC with his glasses.


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