Tuesday, June 28, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.6

A little late but here's last week in iPhone pictures!


I couldn't even tell you what we did on Monday. Apparently I didn't have time to take anymore pictures besides this one. But it is really cute so I think this is more of a quality over quantity type situation. Oh wait, I remember. We went out to dinner with Charles's dad and sister for a belated Father's Day meal. Buuuuut I didn't get any pictures of that.


Tuesday, we played in JC's room for a little bit. We usually play in the living room and just bring out a few toys but every once in a while I'll let him just go crazy in there. Those books were only some of the carnage left in his wake. When Charles got home from work, we went over to his mom's house for dinner and JC rocked in this little rocking chair.

Wednesday, JC enjoyed some daddy time with the guitar. He puts his hands up in the air sometimes. Super pretty sunflowers I bought at Trader Joe's. And I made some yummy spaghetti for dinner. Sauce and garlic cheese bread from Trader Joe's as well. Love that place!


I have definitely been bit by the little Suzy Homemaker bug lately. This is some banana bread that I made late Wednesday night. Got the recipe from Grumbles & Grunts. Turned out super delicious and JC loves it! It's great to keep him happy while I take a couple minutes to throw his yogurt/fruit/cereal together for breakfast. And I feel like it's sorta good for him. I hit the treadmill for the first time in AGES. I made Charles move the damn thing into our bedroom a few months back because I was convinced that I would run on it if I could watch TV. Didn't happen. It was really hot this day and I was sweating just sitting on the couch. So I figured I might as well do some productive sweating. And I made some pretty simple but yummy chicken for dinner. Some banana bread leftover from snacktime in the background.


Friday brought another good morning workout. It made me feel brave enough to venture out to Costco, my arch nemesis. Then we came home and had a Nicki Minaj dance party. And when Charles came home, JC gave his best Billie Joel impression.

We had a great time in San Francisco over the weekend also. I have a couple pictures that I think are halfway decent that I can share next time. I got to go figure out dinner so I can keep up my good housewife act.

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