Thursday, March 8, 2012

thrifting makes me happy

i should clarify, when i actually find stuff that i like, thrifting makes me happy. this doesn't always happen, in fact more often than not, i don't find anything i like. but i got lucky a couple weeks ago, didn't have the toddler with me so i was able to look around a little more sans shopping cart (i feel like a shopping cart can be the biggest hindrance to finding good stuff while shopping in a little tiny thrift store, with little tiny narrow aisles). i decided to peruse the book section that i usually pass over and found some awesome little golden books. and discovered that i am in LOVE with the illustrations! so cute!

little golden books

little golden books inside

little golden books inside1

little golden books jc

the ones that were originally made in the forties and fifties are my favorite. it doesn't hurt that the dog in Scamp looks just like my dog. or that the bird on the back of the Birds book looks JUST like my tattoo!

bird book compare to tattoo

i didn't ask for a "little golden book illustrated bird" tattoo when i got this three years ago but apparently that's what i wanted! these books were about $1.50 each so a pretty good deal for some cute books. i seriously want to buy more and do crafty things with them. i don't know what i would do exactly, maybe something like this or just framing them. i don't know but my brain is spinning with ideas.

i'm linking up with stephanie for little bits of happiness and mandy for high on thrifting thursday.


  1. first of all, look at those eyelashes!! absolutely gorgeous, little man :)

    i am probably the worst thrifter ever. I don't know if it's the Goodwill that I go to or just a general suckiness on my part, but nonetheless, SUCKFEST. lol! Very jealous of those little golden's, I love them!

  2. I love those golden books!!! I vowed to myself I was going to do more thrifting this year but in my area we dont have THE BEST goodwills in the univers so hopefully I find some good stuff :)

  3. Those books are such great finds! I hope to someday have a little library of vintage Golden Books for my little guy!

  4. i love thrifting too! great finds!!


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