Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bodega Bay

I've got a couple things to catch everyone up on but I don't feel like writing a super long post, and I'm sure no one wants to read one. I'll do Easter pictures here in the next few days, but here is our Bodega trip.

We went to Bodega a couple of weekends ago with "the Super Friends", as Charles likes to call them. We rented a house that was on a golf course on the beach. It was so cool, I thought there was a creeper hanging out in our window one night but it ended being a deer! So cool! The house itself was very nice and perfectly sized for all of us. It was great because we all got to stay in the same place and we all took turns making meals for each other. It was such a nice, relaxing mini-vacation that allowed us time to catch up with our friends that we see quite frequently but don't always have a lot of quality time together when we aren't all chasing after our kids. All of the babies came also but honestly, it's almost less stressful having other kids there. Vacationing with children is definitely different but at least we can all relate to each other and help each other out. Someone's kid is always upset but everyone's used to it and it's no big deal. I always feel guilty when we are around people that don't have babies because I feel like they are probably annoyed if JC is being fussy or difficult. But the super friends understand. Like clockwork every night at 9, each couple took their respective child and did bathtime/bedtime routines. Then it was grown up time and we stayed up WAY too late for people all with kids 2 years old and under. But it was worth it. We definitely need to do this every year!

JC and his daddy enjoying his first trip to the beach

JC almost didn't make it to the beach because he decided he needed a nap as soon as we got there.
Luckily, he woke up in time.

The beach was really pretty, despite it being kinda cold and overcast. But hey, that's the Northern California coast for you.

I had to get his feet in the sand at least, since the water was definitely out of the question.
Oh and yes I realize his outfit is a little fancy for the beach. We were trying to take pictures for his birthday invitations while we were there.

And finally, what's cuter than baby toes covered in sand? Nothing.

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