Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and General Happenings

Yay, time to get caught up! JC's napping so I have to hurry...

JC's first Easter was on Sunday (as was everyone's Easter, I'm sure) and we had a great low-key day. We woke up around 9 when JC woke up. We laid in bed for a bit and then we made our way to the living room to see what the Easter bunny had left for JC.

Yes, it was an Easter bag not an Easter basket but I the Easter bunny, put this together very last minute.

In his Easter basket bag, JC received a big Cars beach ball, an adorable stuffed bunny, some Plum Organics Super Puffs (I like to pronounce them as "poofs"), a shape sorting Fisher Price toy, Goodnight Moon, Thumper's Fluffy Tail a touch and feel book, a onesie and some pants from Babies 'R Us, a pair of sandals from Babies 'R Us, some travel face wipes (ooohh fun), and a temporal thermometer (that's the gift I'm really excited about). I think I may have left out an item or two, but I the Easter bunny went kinda crazy at Babies 'R Us. I will say, the clothes were buy one get one off the clearance rack, the Fisher Price toy I got for free because I purchased another toy for a friend's upcoming baby shower (they were buy one get one), and the thermometer was $24.99 at half price. Sooooo I was kinda proud of my mad deal hunting skillz. 

After that, we had breakfast and went for a little walk to a nearby by playground. 


Then we made our way to JC's Papa John's house for dinner. JC got to wear his fancy outfit that barely fits but he has no other occasion to wear it so there ya go.

JC opening an Easter present from his Aunt

I can't wait for next year because I'm sure he'll be into an Easter egg hunt. We could probably dye Easter eggs too. Yeeessssssss! That concludes our Easter recap, let's move on to general happenings around the house.

JC is super mobile now and it is both awesome and frustrating at the same time. All he wants to do is pull himself up to stand on any and everything and then fall down on his butt, just to do it all over again a hundred times. He does pretty well until he gets cocky and starts dancing or something, then that usually results in a not so graceful fall. But I've got to say, he is a tough little guy. Sometimes he'll cry but he gets over it pretty quickly and starts standing up again. He's managed to let go of the table or whatever he's holding onto for a second or two but I wouldn't call it standing on his own quite yet. He's definitely practicing though. 


The crawling started probably almost a month ago at this point and it has progressed so fast! He'd been able to roll and scoot around pretty well to get where he wanted but he was pretty much limited to our play area in the living room. Now, he is EVERYWHERE! It is really keeping me accountable for keeping the floors clean. It's awesome because I can bring him into the kitchen with me while I do the dishes or make lunch or dinner and he's cool just hanging out in there with me. It sucks because he tries to get into the dishwasher, the recycling, the dog bowls, pretty much everything I don't want him to get into. So we decided to give him his own little shelf in the kitchen at his level that holds fun stuff for him to play with while mommy is trying to clean up.

Hanging out next to his shelf that he usually just takes everything off of immediately. He's checking out his new Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta that has a fully serving of vegetables in each pasta serving and it's pretty good as well.

He likes his shelf so much he'll just make a beeline for it while we are in the living room and we gotta hang out in the kitchen just for kicks. I am both super excited and terrified for the point at which he starts walking. I can't believe it's happening so fast. This was the same little baby who couldn't do anything but lay there a few months ago. Now he's following me around the house. It's crazy.

Ok JC's still asleep so I'm gonna spend some time doing nothing. Yessssssss.

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