Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cute new stuff for JC's room!

Just wanted to write a quick post about these HELLA cute prints I custom ordered from babybyrds on etsy.

I'm soooo excited about these you don't even understand. I'm going to frame them and hang them above JC's crib, I think. I feel so bad, his room is in desperate need of being cute. We have several things to hang on the walls including some really cute vintage BMW ads (of course) but we have just done typical Charles and Melissa status and procrastinated on getting frames and hanging stuff up. His sheet set is the only thing in his room that points out that he even has a "car" theme in there. Ok, that's not true. The only things hung on his wall are two small pictures of the red car from Cars and the tow truck from Cars. They are cute but not hung up where I'd ultimately like them to be. He also has a clock that looks like a tire, but it's not hung up or set to the correct time. And he has a few random toy cars thrown in the mix as well. I guess since JC was born about a month and half early, we ran out of time to finish his room. He came and all the busyness of having a new baby came also, leaving very little time for any decorating. Or anything else for that matter. Heck, the only reason his crib had sheets on it at all was because our super awesome friends came into our house after we rushed to the hospital in the biggest panic you've ever seen and washed the sheets and put them on there. Oh yeah and they cleaned up around our house. Who has better friends than that? Not most people, I'll tell you that. 

So anyway, I digress. I really want to get JC's room at least half way done before his birthday. The kid deserves a cute room. I think my next purchase will be this rug/play mat from ikea, our favorite store. Hopefully I can decorate his room so it stays that way for a little bit before he decides he hates it and wants to redecorate.

I meant for this post to be short, I promise I did. I talked myself into making JC an Easter basket. So about $100 later at Babies R Us, we got a few items. I'll post about that when I put it all together and give it to him on Sunday. Yes, I realize he doesn't understand what Easter is. Yes, he was there when I bought all of it. But it's still cute!! And some of it is actual functional items that we needed. And I'm sure he's forgotten about all of it by now anyway. 

Charles left our external hard drive at a friend's house last night sooooo I still don't have any Bodega Bay pictures. But as soon as I get them I will put them up, I just hope that is sooner rather than later. 


  1. i think jc's room is cute, but that will just make it even cuter, u always find the most unique stuff. i like it. we got marley an easter basket for his first real easter, and had a little easter egg hunt, he was a little over a year, how can u resist right?

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by. I couldn't find your email so here I am instead :) I have one of these prints too! And then ordered 6 more for all my neices and nephews! Good luck with the wedding and birthday party planning, I love that stuff!


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