Monday, December 26, 2011

merry christmas!!!

xmas card 2011

that is our holiday card that we sent out to our friends and family this year, featuring the infamous crying child on santa's lap. i got so many comments from our friends that they loved the card, it made me so happy!

i hope everyone's christmas was magical and sensational and everything you wanted it to be! we had a great christmas and we all made out like bandits. i've spent most of today running around trying to find places for all of our new stuff. jc got 1008439893 toys but the highlight has got to be this yo gabba gabba mega blocks set that we got him as his "santa present" this year (although when we bought it, it was NOT $99!). i walked in on him giving foofa the BIGGEST hug i've ever seen him give anyone/anything. it melted my heart. he also loved the yo gabba gabba blanket that his great aunt got for him and this awesome fisher-price iphone case that protects my phone so the baby can play with it and reduce the risk of damage to my phone.

but this may have been my best christmas in a very long time, in the presents department that is.

best presents ever

my soon-to-be mother-in-law and father-in-law got me the sewing machine and charles and my sister got me the ipad!! i couldn't believe that i received either of them. i've been coveting the ipad for as long as i can remember but couldn't justify spending the money on myself. i've been trying to learn how to sew for the last year but had a jenky hand-me-down machine that did not work properly. i'm so excited to finally learn!!!

i feel like i have so much to blog about that i'm a little overwhelmed. we had a great time in tahoe and i have tons of pictures to share with you from that trip. we also went on a crazy house hunt when we got back and put in an offer on a house!!!!! of course, it's bank owned so who knows how long it will take to hear back if they accept our offer or not or what kind of red tape we'll have to cut through but at least we a step closer. i'm also thinking about the new year and the changes it will bring. especially the fact that our wedding is only about five months away. eeeeek!

i'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to finally catch up on all of our vacation laundry and fill up our now empty refridgerator. i hope you are all having a nice calm day after the crazyness of christmas!


  1. OH MA GASH!!!!!!! You are so right, BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I'm coming to your house next year! hahahaha! Good for you!!! I really want to snag an iPad this year. Depends on how my business does...we shall see. How's that for motivation?

    I love the Christmas picture! hahahahaha!

    Well, glad you had a great holiday!

    Here's to New Years!




  2. Yay on the sewing machine!! And Santa's face in that photo is priceless. haha! love it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Enjoy both your xmas presents!!! So exciting that you got a sewing machine!!!! The Ipad doesn't suck either. Glad you had a great xmas and good luck on the house.


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