Tuesday, January 10, 2012

house hunting update!

a couple months back, i mentioned that charles, jc and myself were officially entering the home buying market. and we finally have some real forward momentum to talk about!

so on our last house hunting adventure, at the end of a day where we looked at EIGHT houses, we found a house that charles and i both loved and was in our budget. the house had just been put on the market so there weren't any offers yet. in this market, if you find a house you like that hasn't had some sort of mystery flooding or sink holes in the backyard, you better jump on it. and that is what we did.

we put an offer in and the bank put in a counteroffer. we accepted and the bank signed off on the purchase agreement today! now there are still a couple hurdles that need to be jumped over before this is all official and whatnot but we are so so happy!

now i'm trying REALLY hard to not count my chickens before they hatch, but i can't help but scour pinterest for home decor/renovating ideas. this house has a pretty good shell but all the floors need to be replaced, everything needs to be repainted and it needs a good cleaning. i've already been busy pinning all sorts of ideas for the house. i even got charles to pin a few things! if he wasn't so anti-social media, he'd totally be all about pinterest. here are a few of our pins that we're obsessing over.

i'd love to have something like this set up in the foyer of the house. one of my biggest pet peeves is (which i am totally guilty of doing also) when people enter the house and just throw whatever they have in a pile in the entryway. i'd love to have a cubby/hook for each person in the house.

this is one of charles's pins. we'd love to have this color flooring in the two front rooms of the house and perhaps the kitchen.

the house already has a pergola set up in the backyard and we would DEFINITELY do lights like this hanging above. i love the ambiance it creates.

if you want to see more of our house ambitions, check out my pinterest page. hopefully i'll have more good news on the home buying front to share soon!


  1. Congrats! So exciting! I love the color of those floors, I wish mine were that color.

  2. Exciting!! Hope it all works out!!! Love the foyer storage nook, and the wee lights in the pergola!

  3. Hi Melissa! It's been a year, and I wonder if you’ve already found a new home. You picked out really designs in your Pinterest page! Were you able to incorporate those at your place? In case you're still looking for a new house, I hope you'll check on its legal documents. That can be very beneficial for future reference. :)


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  5. It took you only 8 days before you found the house that perfectly fits your taste. Thanks to Pinterest for giving inspirations and tips in renovation! Were you able to achieve your chosen exterior and interior design, by the way? Hope to see your new house after the completion!

    -Calvin Mordarski @ CityBlockTeam


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