Wednesday, January 4, 2012


so here we are. a new year! who doesn't love the chance to have a fresh start? i know that in these parts, january 1st, all the christmas decorations NEED to come down. as excited as i am to put them up (i still manage to wait until after thanksgiving!) i am equally if not more excited to take them down. it definitely isn't as fun to take down the decorations, but it's nice to have my house back. it's time to get down to business. we've had a couple months of fun, but now it's time to do work.

i shared the mid-year resolutions i made a few months ago and the progress i made on them in a post a couple days ago. so now i will share what i hope to accomplish now! again, i like to give myself a little break on everything because while it is time to get down the business, it's no fun to feel down on yourself all the time because you aren't living up to some expectations that YOU set for YOURSELF. give yourself a break sometimes. really, it's ok. anyway, here we go! (in no particular order)

1. exercise! eat better! drink more water!
this is the obligatory new years resolution but i really need to get on this because i have a wedding in five (EEEK!) months that i don't want to look completely disgusting for sooooo. i was doing really well a couple months back and totally fell off the wagon right around thanksgiving. but i am so ready to get going again. i started jillian michael's 30 day shred and am 2 days in so far. and i already feel a lot stronger and my endurance was better, just after the first workout. i haven't decided how involved i will get the blog on my weight loss progress. it is nice to feel like i have some accountability, but i also can get really down on myself when i don't have any progress to share. so, we'll see.

2. read more... books that is, not blogs
if you count blog posts, i read all the time! buuuuuut otherwise? notsomuch. i'd like to think that i can do the whole 52 book challenge but i know myself WAY too well and know that that is NOT going to happen. maybe 26 books? that would be 26 more than i read last year. i've started reading water for elephants on my ipad (which, bytheway, i am totally becoming an ipad/e-reader snob) and i am really enjoying it. and i have a handful of other books that i've been meaning to get around to but you know how that is.

3. knit more
i shared in this post about trying to get my knitting groove back after a few months of losing my mojo. i think i officially have it back after knitting two gifts for christmas. i fully intend to get 'er done in the knitting department.

4. organize and get rid of stuff
this is actually being kind of forced on me. with our impending move looming on the horizon, we need to go through all of our hoarder piles that we've accumulated over the last two years and purge! i told myself that i would try to go through one thing a day and get rid of what i don't use anymore. so today, i went through the two huge bins of baby clothes that i've had in my closet and re-organized it.


jc helped by looking really cute. now everything that i want to keep is labeled and i got a bunch of stuff to send off to a friend with a younger baby. but we definitely still have a long way to go.

5. learn to sew
this is on my list from last year. now that i have a new, not broken sewing machine, i am ready to actually do this! with the help of my fourth resolution, i will hopefully have a cleared off workspace here in the near future and we can get this started.

i think that pretty much sums it up. got any resolutions this year? i'd love to read them! it gets me all motivated and such.

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  1. These are pretty much all of mine too. Except the knitting and sewing. I know how to sew and need to get back into it. I'm pretty clueless on knitting except for the basic stitch and only then can I make an ugly scarf or pot holder.


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