Tuesday, January 31, 2012

our save-the-dates

i am a big proponent of not spending extra money where it is not needed. i know that just because something has the word "wedding" or "baby" in front of it, the cost is jacked up. and i know a lot of these items are created to make us think that we NEED them for our wedding or baby and can't live without them. when in reality, people got along without these items for hundreds of years and they got along just fine.

save-the-dates are one of those items that seemed to have appear somewhat recently that everyone NEEDS to do for their wedding. it NEEDS to be included in the already super expensive wedding stationery that goes out to your friends and families and inevitably ends up the garbage. BUT, since we are having a "destination" wedding (i always feel silly saying that because it is just a four hour drive from where we live) and a lot of our family live out of state, we decided that sending out save the dates was an important element to include to make sure everyone can get time off as needed, schedule and purchase plane tickets and so on and so forth.

since we have a very tight budget set for our wedding (hello buying a house and we already have a kid and i don't work outside the home), i had already planned on designing and printing our save-the-dates myself. i was so excited when i found wedding chicks and their FREE wedding printables. yes, FREE. and they are super cute! i instantly fell in love with the bunting printable (hi i am melissa and i am obsessed with bunting and birds). when i plugged in our names and it spit out our save-the-date, i liked it but i wasn't so much in love with it anymore. i wasn't a big fan of the original font or color scheme. thanks to my newly obtained photoshop skillz, i was able to use their same basic idea but change the color of the bunting to match our wedding colors (kelly green and navy blue) and change the font to the other thing i'm obsessed with, lobster two. i used it on our christmas cards too.

Save the date final

so there it is, in all of it's glory! now, we just have to print and mail them out. i feel like such a failure because i really wanted to send these out with our christmas cards (because, remember we are on a budget and postage is expensive) but we weren't able to get our engagement photos in time and then christmas happened, you know how it goes. so my goal is to get these out on friday. so if you're invited to our wedding, check your mailbox next week!

you'll also see that we have an official wedding website, melissaandcharles.com through wedding wire. you can check it out now if you want but there isn't really anything there yet besides a countdown to our wedding which gives me a mini panic attack every time i look at it.

yay, one more thing to check off the wedding to-do list!


  1. they look great!! love your engagement photo too.

  2. I love it!!! You did a great job and the pic is so cute!!!!


  3. cute! And I agree they will try to sell you things and make you think you need them. Take it from me...less is more.

  4. These look great! You're so talented ;)

  5. They turned out great! In a state of bride panic I ordered a save the date magnet for each person not each household so I still have about 50 save the date magnets in my closet- whoopsy.

  6. Hi! I'm wanting to use these same save the dates, but i'm wondering size you used? They come out so big when I print them... Thanks :)


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