Monday, January 2, 2012

a look back at goals i set six months ago

ok, so a few months back i decided to make some "the year is halfway over" resolutions. i thought now would be a good time to reflect on what has come of these goals and add some new ones to the bunch.

here are my previous goals:
1. Make a conscious effort to be healthier. i feel like i can cross this off my list and not feel like a liar. because i DID make a conscious effort for a good period of time during the last few months. if you were a reader a couple months ago, you may have noticed my buff mama monday posts...and that they suddenly and abruptly disappeared. i don't really have a good reason for that. i got sick, didn't go the gym for a while, then when i was ready to go back, i learned that they had closed down. sooooo, i stopped working out. but i did go for a couple months, so i'm counting this as done.

2. Take a graphic design/web design class. i can most assuredly cross this off my list! i took a graphics communication class at the junior college that was bascially an intro to photoshop. i learned a lot, including that graphic design is not something that i will be pursuing further. i'm so happy to have acquired the photoshop skills that i did, but i'm ready to move on.

3. "Finish" JC's room. this definitely did not happen. not too long after i made these goals, we learned that we would have to be moving at some indefinite date. so the idea of decorating a room that we would be packing up soon, lost it's steam. but i do have full intentions of taking this back up once we move into a new house.

4. Learn to sew. my old sewing machine never got fixed, so therefore it stayed bootsy. but, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of this because i got a new sewing machine for christmas!! yes it is still in the box but only because i'm not sure where to set it up for now. again, a problem with living in a house that you won't be living in for much longer. i'm not ready to commit to a space, but once i do, it will be done!

5. Open an Etsy store. so this is a complicated one. i did it, for sure but i am officially closing up shop for now on aquamarine vintage. i thought i had a good combination of vintage goods and hand knit goods. the shop wasn't a complete failure because i did sell everything that i listed, it's just that i didn't list very much. i was unable to set aside enough time to find goods to sell or knit anything to sell. so this is done but i am done with the shop. i do have ideas for a new shop but am not ready to break ground quite yet.

6. Start saving money for a down payment on a house. i'm not going to cross this off because we didn't really make a conscious effort to save anymore than we already had set aside. here we are, six months later and we are REALLY looking at buying a house but don't have much more to show for it. we'll be able to do it, but we just are not going to be able to put more down.

7. And last but definitely not least, plan our wedding. welp, the wedding is not completely planned but is definitely further along. do i still want to throw up when i start planning the wedding for longer than 20 minutes? a little bit. do i still beg charles to let us just elope? sometimes. but we are getting further along. we have a date set, a venue reserved, a photographer hired, and most of our bridal party picked out. so we are getting there.

all in all, i'm pretty happy with what i accomplished. i gave myself the freedom to not feel tied down by my goals. if the goal was no longer important or relevant, i didn't have to beat myself up for not pursuing it or finishing it. i am ready to continue pursuing a couple of these and adding more to the bunch; i'll post about them tomorrow! happy new year everyone!

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  1. Running an etsy store is such hard work! I did sold handknit baby hats and mittens for awhile but found it hard to keep up once I actually had my own baby. Now with two it's pretty much closed for quite awhile. I may start it back up in the future. I know I've commented before about your photoshop class- so cool! It's one of my goals once I take a photography class (next month!). SO much to learn.


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