Tuesday, September 27, 2011

autumn has arrived

fall etsy finds

{ bittersweet wreath I pumpkin pie marshmallowswall decal I angry birds costume }

I am SO ready for Fall! It is my favorite season and I always feel shortchanged living where we do because we always have such a short autumn season. Even though it's officially fall, it is 90 degrees today and the next couple days as well. We'll probably get two good weeks of cool weather before it starts raining everyday. That being said, I am going to try and take full advantage of this season before it slips away. Behold, my fall bucket list:

{1} Visit a pumpkin patch
{2} Take fall-themed family portraits
{3} Decorate for Halloween
{4} Decorate for fall
{5} Visit Apple Hill
{6} Visit the library regularly
{7} Bake a pie
{8} Stand outside in the rain with JC (just for a little bit)
{9} Buy tall brown boots
{10} Make homemade apple cider
{11} Bake cookies for Charles to bring into work
{12} Cook something for Thanksgiving
{13} Dust off the crock pot
{14} Knit matching beanies for Charles and JC
{15} Take Tsunami for more walks
{16} Enjoy some cool days at the park before it starts raining
(17} Do something crafty for Halloween
{18} Do something crafty for Thanksgiving
{19} Make hot apple cider from scratch
{20} Spend a rainy day snuggling with my main dudes

I'm so excited, especially for October. Not only is it the month of one my favorite holidays (ahem, Halloween!) but also my birthday and Charles and mine's anniversary (ELEVEN years dude). AND, I don't think I've mentioned it enough yet, but we are going to VEGAS! Holla! Happy beginning of fall everybody!

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  1. Those pumpkin pie marshmellows look delish! And I love your list- I need to make one myself before I forget everything I wanna do! Thanks for the reminder : )


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