Tuesday, September 13, 2011

buff mama tuesday w.6, it's working!

weight loss progress week 6
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Posting this a day late, err. But the stats are from yesterday so it's all good.

It's amazing how good I feel after working out regularly for the last couple of weeks. I'm SO close to getting past my five pound fluctuation. Once I get past that point, I will be really pumped. But I really do have so much more energy, I'm sleeping better and I'm just in an overall better mood.

I didn't do that great with the eating this week though. I may or may not have participated in a fifty chicken mcnugget eating foodfest. Amongst three people. It was not pretty. There also might have been two large orders of fries involved. I have really been trying to cut out fast food (not on purpose, but because I don't want to JC to eat it so I can't have it around him) so eating those nuggets was no bueno for the digestive system. Is that TMI? Well, it's the truth. I still skipped meals but it really is because I get so busy sometimes in the morning I just don't have time. Plus when I'm running around, I don't feel hungry. It's not until I put JC down for his nap and I sit down is when I first realize that it is now 1 o'clock and I'll I've had is coffee. I really need to make a more conscious effort to eat breakfast.

It's been cool having my brother here because he's gone to the gym with me a few times now and we play around on all the machines without being self-conscious. So I feel way more comfortable around all the muscle-bound, weight-belt-wearing dudes. Yeah I'm using the five-pound dumb bells and the ab machine is only set to 30 pounds but I'm doing it!

I know that working on my diet is key this week. If I can get a good diet and a good exercise regime working together, I can get maximum weight loss. Hopefully more than a pound a week.

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  1. The food part is such a struggle for me too. Good luck the rest of this week, you are doing great so far!!


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