Monday, August 22, 2011

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I'm feeling good about this week because I actually went to the gym yesterday! And it kicked my ass. No joke. I did a cycling class for the first time and I really was not prepared for the beating that I got. Could they make those bicycle seats less comfortable? I mean, I knew that I wasn't going to be sitting on a memory foam mattress but come on. Luckily, I actually don't feel as bad today as I thought I would. In fact, I think I might try to go to the gym again today. How un-convincing did that sentence sound? I think I might try? Hmm. I really want to though! Just not for a cycling class today.

I've decided to set up a (what I hope to be) realistic weight loss goal for myself to achieve by the wedding. Thirty pounds. Would I like to lose more than this? Yes. But I feel like this is what is realistic for me now especially with a deadline looming less than nine months away. Even still, it does seem a little daunting. But to help me reach this goal, I took a page out of Jenni's idea book and decided to give myself rewards for each ten pound mark that I reach. This, I hope, will motivate me to push myself harder.

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I've been wanting to get my eyelashes permed for a while now. I have the most stick straight eyelashes ever. They are long but they won't hold a curl at all. This is actually something I wanted to do as a Mother's Day gift but I just haven't gotten around to making an appointment and getting it done. I've also been drooling over dresses at Ruche and Modbe so I'd love to be able to get one of them as a gift to myself at the twenty pound mark. Since thirty pounds is the BIG goal, I thought I'd put the biggest (and probably most expensive) reward for last. I've been itching to get a new tattoo for a little bit now. I'm not set on exactly what I want yet or where I would want to put it but I have some time to decide.

Goals this week include going to the gym at least three times and continuing to watch what I eat. No set diet yet, just trying to really think about what and when I'm eating. Good luck to the other "buff mama's" out there!

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  1. Go you! Oh god, aren't those bicycle seats awful?! I wish I could take my own padded seat to cycling class! I love your goal ideas, I might have to steal that.


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