Tuesday, August 9, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesday: jc's second haircut

JC's first haircut might have been the easiest, most carefree event that I've ever witnessed. He couldn't have cared less and was generally happy even. This time, ehh, not so much.

second hair cut1

Started out a little resisting, but not too bad.

second hair cut2

Oh but that changed pretty quickly.

second hair cut3

But it was nothing a little Elmo and Katy Perry couldn't fix. What did parents do before they had smartphones???

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  1. aawww...poor baby! I'm just like you, I always have to lug around my iPad for those "just in case" moments.

  2. So cute. I hope he got a lollipop! :)

  3. That last one is seriously the best shot! Love it!! My little one was the same way between his first haircut and second. For a long time we had to have the babysitter cut his hair because he would scream the moment he set foot in the salon!

  4. ha! I have the same magic tool in my purse too! It got us through his first haircut, I highly doubt it will help the second time now that he knows what he is in for! Have a great week!


  5. OH my. That looks a little painful. Glad everyone survived. lol.

  6. Quick thinking! Sounds like Katy Perry can motivate anyone into doing anything : )!
    Cute boy!


  7. Awwww! What a cutie! You're right - what did we do without our SmartPhones?? :)

    WW: Fun With Nigel

  8. lol let that personality shine jc! they grow up so fast. hes just lettin him kno hes not just gonna give up that hair, which hes been working so hard on growing, without a fight.

    thank god for smart phones

  9. Awww Cute pictures! :) He is adorable! How old is he? like 2? I want to take my little girl (16mos) for her first haircut but her father doesn't want to. She may be too young... :/ idk..

    Your bloggy friend,
    Angie @ A Little Inspiration

  10. Oh man, I'm not looking forward to haircuts. Luckily I have a girl so we won't have to worry about it as often.

  11. braylee is almost 26 months and i still havent got her hair cut. im scared! haha

  12. These are so great! Lol.. we do the exact same thing when we cut Jax's hair!


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