Thursday, May 26, 2011

JC's First Haircut

Yesterday was a big milestone for JC, he got his first haircut!

We took him to the same barber that Charles has been going to since he was a little kid and he did a great job! He's one of those barbers where you can just sit in the chair and you don't even have to tell him what you want, he just does it. We were literally there for maybe ten minutes total.

I was a little weary about the old school contraption that we had JC sit in while getting his haircut but luckily there were no accidents to report. I had to stand there and make sure he didn't fall out of it but that's ok.

After hearing a couple horror stories about first haircuts, we were definitely worried that JC was going to be terrified, especially of the clippers. But Barber Dave (who is very tall) used them very lightly so they barely made any sound at all. This guy is a pro. This is definitely not his first time around the block.

first haircut collage

JC's hair wasn't that bad but it was getting a little long around his ears and in the back. It was starting to resemble a mullet. So, we decided to go ahead and get his first haircut so he could look fresh to death at his birthday party.. IN THREE DAYS! But who's counting.

He even got to enjoy his first lollipop. Giving a baby a lollipop may not have been "Parent of the Year" material but he survived. And enjoyed himself immensely. I was covered in hairy coconut goo afterwards but it was worth it to see how excited he was about that lollipop.

All in all, it was a lovely experience. JC was calm, cool and collected. Not a single tear was shed, unless you count the ones that appeared when his lollipop was taken away.

<3 Melissa


  1. This makes me sooo happy, Meliss. I have talked about this with at least five different people. For not being a very traditional family, these little traditions sure do make me swell with pride. I love this!!

  2. following from the Fun Tuesday Hop. thanks for being a part of it :)

    adorable pictures!! and family!

  3. Hello~ following you from the alexa hop... what a cute guy you have there, looks like the barber did a fabulous job.

  4. awwwww - such cute pictures. The "first" hair cut is a big milestone for sure.

  5. I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!


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