Thursday, May 19, 2011

wedding planning frustrations


That's how I feel about planning a wedding. If I was ballin' out of control, it could be a different story. Because apparently, once you attach the word "wedding" to something that typically isn't "wedding" related, doors start closing. In your face. Hard. And if the word "wedding" is already attached to something, then it will cost about 2343234 times more than it should.

I haven't talked about it at all but the fiance and I are in the midst of planning our hopefully soon-to-be nuptials. We have a pretty clear idea of what we want our wedding to be like. Normally this would be a good thing. Unfortunately in our case, it is making it much more difficult.

We don't have a date set yet because we haven't found a venue. In our eyes, the venue and food are the most important aspects of our wedding. Both of which we want complete control over. We got the idea when we first got engaged (May 1, 2010) that we should have our wedding on the Mendocino coast. For our babymoon, we took a roadtrip from Northern California, up I-5 all the way to Vancouver, B.C. and drove all the way back down the coast. Charles proposed on the way up so by the time we were driving back all we could do was talk wedding plans. As we drove along the Mendocino coast I knew it was perfect. We had talked about having a beach wedding but I didn't want the stereotypical ON the beach, feet in the sand kind of wedding. Mendocino is pretty much all rocky cliffs with beautiful overlooks onto the ocean. Perfect.

We got the idea that we could rent a house that was on one of these cliffs and have the ceremony and reception there. It would perfect. We could make our own food and party as late as we wanted to. And then, everyone could just crash at the house when we were done! No one has to buy a room or pay for anything. A lot of these houses we've looked at have several bedrooms, some with multiple beds in each room so everyone would be able to crash somewhere.

Problem is, no one wants us to have a wedding at their house. I mean, if you are already renting your house out for vacations, how much more trouble would a little wedding be? We'd clean up. We are responsible people. We have a baby for Christ's sake. Half of our friends have babies. We aren't going turn your house into a nightclub. I feel like Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in the Herlihy Boy skit from SNL. LET THE BOY SLEEP IN YOUR HOUSE! FOR GOD SAKES! HE'S ALREADY WATERING YOUR PLANTS! Points if you get the reference.

With that, Charles and I have decided that unless some miracle happens, we are going to plan on the wedding taking place next year. Probably in late March or early April, as soon as it starts getting nice on the northern coast again. We are also opening it up for possibly taking place in Lake Tahoe if we still are having trouble finding a suitable venue. We are kind of on a time crunch because we really want to start trying to have a little brother or sister for JC. Since we didn't plan on having JC, I'm not sure how long it will take. I'd like to start trying sooner than that but I really want us to be married before we start trying. And I don't want to be pregnant at my wedding, I want to have fun and not be uncomfortable because my ankles are swollen and my back hurts.

As much as I joke about eloping or just going to the courthouse, I know I will regret not having the wedding that I want. Shoot, the wedding that we deserve after already being together for ten years, living together for six of those years, and having an almost one year old baby!! I'm tired of "playing house" and I'm ready to do this thang.

Thank you for listening to me rant. I will now go bury my sorrows in some yarn. Hmmmm warm fuzzy soft...

Is that... why yes it is a finished mama body, one finished arm and one arm in progress on JC's birthday present. The blue yarn is for a new project that I'm just starting. More deets on that later.

<3 Melissa

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