Thursday, May 12, 2011

countdown to JC's birthday party: 18 days!

Ahhhh I can't believe how fast this party is coming up! I feel immediately organized and completely unprepared all at the same time. Basically, I have a lot of ideas but I'm unsure how it will all work out together.

First things first, JC's birthday present(s) from us. Keep in mind that we did not buy JC a Christmas present because the pressure to give him the best present ever was too much for us. I've started making him this ADORABLE mama monster and baby monster set. I promised I would share some knitting adventures so here ya go.

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Those would be a pair of mama monster feet. I'll give complete project deets once it's all finished but I'm using the leftover yarn from JC's Where's Waldo halloween costume. Sorry all the links are from ravelry, if you don't have an account. Even if you don't knit, if you like perusing some awesome stuff, make an account. I'm sorry ahead of time for the incredible waste of time you will encounter. Anyway, I'm actually a little bit farther along on this than I was when I took this picture a couple days ago. I've kind of lost my knitting mojo for the last month or so. I just haven't had any time but I'm trying to make some. Besides this, I'm still not sure what we will be getting him. Maybe something like this, or this? I know he would have the time of his life with a cardboard box but I really want to get him something special. 

I guess the other big part is kind of combined, at least in my mind, decorations and food. Charles is in charge (heh, Charles in charge) of the main food but I am in charge of what really matters, dessert. We are going to have his party under a big gazebo in a park right behind our house. The gazebo has four tables, all of which I plan on using. One table will be at least mostly dedicated to desserts. I plan on making some toadstool-esque cupcakes like the ones found here and my big undertaking will be creating S'more cake pops like the one's found here. These should both go well with the overall woodland theme of JC's party. I'm still looking for a creative way to display both of these items. I also found a few really cute figurines at the antique fair on Sunday to use to decorate the dessert table.

Sorry for the 2341243134 toys in the background. I only spent about $14 for all of these and I think they will add a unique touch to the decorations. I have already purchased this banner for general decorating purposes. It's unbearably cute. I will also attempt to create some tissue paper pom poms to hang up around the gazebo. 

I'm still hung up on what to have for favors for the kids that are coming. Surprisingly, there will be quite a few little ones but they are vary widely in age. A favor for a five month old will not do for a ten year old. I'm probably going to make a special onesie/shirt for JC. Basically do an applique like this one but make a big number "1" or something like that instead of a bunny. I want to haul JC's high chair out there too so he has some place to eat his cake (ooo that reminds me, I'm not sure if I'm going to make him a special cake or just give him one of the cupcakes...) so I'm debating about whether or not to decorate that too with a special banner or something. 

Sorry, this post kind of just turned into a stream of consciousness of my party planning brain. This is the first big party that I'm going all out on since I am able to devote a little more time to it. Luckily I'm doing a lot of it myself, so it shouldn't be too expensive. If you care, I will be keeping everyone updated on any new party planning activities/crafts and I will definitely do a comprehensive post after it's all said and done. If I make it that far and don't have a panic attack.


  1. love love love knitting too. Finding the time is another thing though!

  2. That Mama/Baby Monster is going to be sooo cute, Melissa! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Ooooo! I can't wait to see the finished product!! I'm following from the SSS Hop! Thanks for linking up with us!!

    Have a great week and hope to see you again next weekend!


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