Saturday, May 21, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.2

Here we are again with another week in iphone recap. And without further ado...

The crazy weather as we left for our disaster date, baby toes, hangin in the back seat with my main (cranky) man

 Bath time and some craftin' about to go down

Jammin' out to his little table

 Yogurt beard and creeper Elmo

Baby + broccoli cheddar soup + bread = really big mess

Just checking his inbox, mommy going to the store ALONE?!, Charles being the biggest nerd I know (he's OBSESSED with his cast iron pans and apparently has been collecting data for some kind of scientific report about the temperature the pan reaches in certain spots... nerd alert!), and my attempt at making some tissue paper pom poms for the baby shower tomorrow! (Ok, I guess I can't talk too much crap about being a nerd...)

I linked up to a good life, you should too


  1. Love the yogurt beard. SO funny!

  2. Those tissue paper pom poms are awesome! And I love the baby toes :)

  3. I love the yogurt beard.....too cute!

  4. My Little Bit loves to check his email on that laptop as well. You got to go out alone!! Lucky gal ;D


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