Saturday, May 14, 2011

can i give a shoutout to katy perry?

Anyone who knows my son for longer than a few hours will probably find out that he has a mad crush on Katy Perry. My sister and I may have facilitated this but we had no idea that we would create a Katy Perry monster.

When JC was born last summer, Katy Perry was EVERYWHERE. You couldn't listen to a Top 40 station for more than five minutes without hearing Katy Perry singing about melting popsicles or feeling like a plastic bag. I first noticed that JC liked the songs (particularly Teenage Dream and ESPECIALLY Firework) when the song would come on the radio and he would instantly stop whatever he was doing. He would get very focused and looked very happy. So of course, my sister and I exploited this because we love Katy Perry too.

I decided to show him the music videos and that's when the love affair officially began. Literally, anytime JC sees the Firework video or hears the songs he will stop whatever he is doing and come crawling towards my phone (because that's usually where it's coming from). This video is a mood changer and a life saver. I have used Katy Perry on more than a few hundred occasions to get JC to calm down when he is acting particularly fussy.

No one really believed how well this worked until I used it while we were visiting family in Texas. JC was not really enjoying a car ride late one evening and nothing was consoling him. No toy was fun enough, no faces mommy could make would appease him. So, out came my trusty iPhone and my beloved Vevo app. Cue up the Firework music video and the tears stopped flowing, the screaming subsided and JC's mouth was now agape in awe of this beautiful woman that he could not look away from. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting JC's future ladies. I really want to see how much I've messed up my kid's idea of what his ideal woman will be.

I tell you this to explain the two pictures that follow.

Mommy wasn't able to take her shower during JC's morning nap because she was sleeping doing housework, ahem, so I had to do it after he woke up. JC does not tolerate this. He had just enough patience for me to hastily wash the shampoo out of my hair. By the time I was brushing my teeth (elapsed time at this point is prob 15 minutes) he was not having it. So Katy Perry, you came to the rescue yet again. I was able to finish getting ready in the time it took for Firework and Teenage Dream to run their course. This activity center thing should seriously have an iPod docking station. 

So in conclusion, I'd like to personally thank Katy Perry (because she will of course read this). My son will light up like I've never seen before when he sees your face pop up on my iPhone. This allows a tired mama a couple extra minutes to put deodorant on and throw my wet hair into a bun. When you and Russell Brand have kids one day, I don't know if it will work but maybe you could just recreate your Firework music video anytime they start acting up. You're welcome for the parenting advice. Oh and BTW, I don't think Sesame Street should have pulled your little duet with Elmo. I show that to my kid all the time too. A little cleavage never hurt anyone. 


  1. My nephew was in love with Fran Drescher from "The Nanny" tv show. Whenever that came on, he was transfixed as well! Your wee man has much better taste, I think! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'll be back!

  2. That's great! :) I wish my guy would let me take a shower - I'll have to try turning on Mrs. Perry!!


  3. My Little Bit had that same saucer. I called my role in this phase of his life "cruise director." He required me to move him from activity to activity every 15 minutes. It was pretty exhausting. I'm glad you found something to appease him while you got in a bath ;D


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