Tuesday, August 16, 2011

buff mama monday (or tuesday), w.2

This post being a little late kinda goes hand in hand with my motivation this past week. It hasn't been so great. BUT, that is different now. I'm really ready. We went today and are now officially signed up for our new gym! I'm really excited to try the different classes that they have available. Although, I am a little scared of the cycling class now after our tour guide told me that I'll probably only want to do the first ten or fifteen minutes of the class my first few times. Is cycling class really that intense? 

Either way, I'm super excited for our new gym. They even have a kid's center so I can drop JC off while I work out. Unfortunately, the price of the center isn't included in the gym membership (LAME!) but it's reasonable. We let JC check it out today while we looked around. Since I stay home with him, he hasn't ever been in a "daycare" environment. I made sure I told him I was leaving because I didn't want to sneak out. When we left, he didn't even seem to notice though. But I guess once he realized we weren't there, he started crying. When we came to pick him up, one of the ladies was holding him and you could tell that he had been crying. But they said that he wasn't upset for that long. It's so hard to let someone else watch him when it's always me everyday. But it's time to extend the umbilical cord a little bit. Mama needs to get her cardio on. 

I fully plan on having a more motivating plan next week. My goal is to go to the gym at least three times this week so wish me luck!

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