Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wordless(ish) wednesday: old sacramento

Charles has been working so much lately, we just wanted to get out and do something fun on Sunday. We live maybe fifteen minutes away from Old Sacramento but we haven't visited since Halloween time almost two years ago. It's always fun and this was our first time taking JC to see the most "tourist-y" spot in our town. We grubbed on some pizza. Did some window shopping. Ate some ice cream. And walked on the dock (boardwalk?) along the river. Pretty good Sunday if you ask me.

old sac mommy and jc

old sac mommy putting on jcs shoes

old sac jc and charles

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  1. Being a tourist in your own home town is a great family outing. It looked like you had fun.

  2. Cute pictures. It looks like it was a fun day.

  3. What an adorable little guy! This is my first time stopping by, and I look forward to your future posts. I'm just learning to knit, and I've got a 17mo old. :)

  4. I love Old Sac. Can't wait to take my guy to the Railroad Museum the next time we're up there.

  5. mmm, pizza & ice cream? sounds like a perfect day!

  6. love the pics, looks like a great family day!
    mel {www.never-a-dull-moment.com}


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