Thursday, August 4, 2011

fourteen months

14 month portrait

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Every month it's the same, but I can not believe how big my little man is getting. This month has been crazy full of new milestones but the biggest one was definitely walking. JC took his first steps on the fourth of July and everyday he is walking more and more. He's still very wobbly but I think he's more sure footed than he seems. He went from primarily crawling with the occasional steps to preferring to push his walkers all over the house to walking primarily. He's also able to pick something off the floor and stand back up without sitting down or falling. I took him to the playground on Tuesday and he was practically running to the different equipment. I was so nervous that he was going to faceplant on the sidewalk but he did really well. It was the first time that I felt like he "belonged" at the playground. He wasn't "too little" to do anything. I was so proud of him.

walking with mom and dad3

I love this picture. He looks so big! I can't believe he could actually walk in those flip flops. Like a flip flop walking pro.

His vocabulary and communication skills have improved greatly as well. It's amazing how much he can communicate with pointing and grunts. The other day he crawled super fast through the kitchen into the pantry, sat up on his knees, pointed at the box of Cheerios and said "that". He understands a great deal of what I am saying to him, making it much easier to find out what he wants or what is bothering him if he's upset. Some new words this month: "bird", "button" (sounds like "buh-on"), "this", "that", "no" (i'm a little scared of this word), "again", and "done".

jc at playground2

Pointing and clapping have been other skills that JC has mastered this month. He is learning when it's appropriate to clap. He is usually prompted by the word "yay!".

I'm not sure how much JC weighs or how tall he is but he is finally starting to outgrow some of his 6-9 month stuff (yeah, he's a little guy). I'm guessing he's around 20-21 pounds. He's been wearing 6-9 month and 12 month shirts, pajamas, and shorts/pants. Some 12 month stuff is still too big on him though. Including a REALLY cute Sesame Street t-shirt that looks like a tunic on him. I'm patiently waiting to put that on him.

JC cut one more tooth (his top left middle tooth) bringing our tooth total to four. Teething has still not really been an issue (knock on wood). I've discovered that if I give him something to hold, he will be distracted enough to let me brush is teeth for at least a few seconds.

His favorites this month include Yo Gabba Gabba, his Bright Baby First Words book, balls of all shapes and sizes, ducks and geese at the park, opening up all the cabinets he can find, taking awesome naps, and bananas.

walking away with mom and dad

I'm looking forward to what the next month has in store!

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  1. hes getting soo grown up. cant wait to c him this weekend.


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