Monday, August 8, 2011

buff mama monday w.1, let's do this

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

For a split second, maybe you thought that was a picture of me. That would be awesome.

I'll tell you what's not awesome. I'm no where NEAR that level of feeling comfortable walking around in a bikini. I don't even want to see myself in a bikini; I wouldn't want to put anyone else through that misery.

If you remember my post about the goals that I set for the rest of the year, "making healthy choices" is one of them. Notice that I didn't say "lose weight" or "drop dress sizes". It was my way of making my goal seem more doable. But it also makes me less motivated to "lose weight" or "drop dress sizes".

When I saw that Vanessa over at The Crafty Nest (one of my blogger inspirations) is starting up a weekly "buff mama" link up, I had to join. I need more motivation than what I've got now. I know I don't like how I look. I know I have a wedding coming up in (eek!) nine months. I know that I feel tired and sluggish all the time. But those reasons have not been enough for me to get off my butt.

Source: None via Melissa on Pinterest

I know that I will probably never be as skinny as Katy Perry or look as amazing as Kim Kardashian looks in a bikini, but I definitely want to try. I can't expect for that to happen without putting in any effort.

As of yet, I'm not set on my exercise/diet plans. I've tried just hitting the treadmill at home during nap time, but I lost steam after a couple of weeks. I started doing C25K and it was ok, just kinda boring. I'm thinking about joining a gym. I have a friend who goes pretty relig so I would have a workout buddy. Stroller Strides has a LivingSocial deal right now too. I really just don't like exercising so I get bored easily. And I always feel like I have 102958210 more things that I need to be doing instead.

Let me know if you've tried anything that has worked for you. Preferably something that can be disguised as "fun". Link up with Vanessa too so we can all track each other's progress! Maybe in a few months, we'll look like Beyonce. Maybe.


  1. Do you do your C25K indoors or outdoors? I *cannot* jog on a treadmill... it makes me want to curl up and have a nap! However, I do *enjoy* (okay, maybe enjoy isn't the best term but it's all I got) jogging outside... add a buddy and my BOB, and I'm good to go! Buddy to help motivate me and chat :) I take the same route on my jogs... so I'm motivated to make it further each time I head out :)

    I think I'm going to follow in Vanessa's (and yours too) foot steps and make "Buff Mama" my Monday posting... Nothing like putting it out there for a whole bunch of strangers to keep yourself motivated... right?

    Best of luck!

  2. YAY!! I'm so excited that you are joining in on Buff Mama Monday! I just started C25K too and I'm actually really enjoying it, but I'm weird like that. Maybe a fun group class is more your style?

  3. what up bro?!good for you, and might i suggest FRUIT NINJA FOR THE KINECT!!!! our doors are always open, and our xbox is almost always on. and i believe that laptop/xbox deal is still available. try b4 u buy, come over anytime seriously, either me or moriah are always here.


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