Tuesday, August 2, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.11

Last week went by so fast! I feel like we did a million things but I also felt like I didn't do much of anything. If that makes sense. Add on top of that, my mom and my brother came up to visit for the weekend. I've barely touched my phone or the computer for the last four days. And it was awesome. But I have a whole slough of posts for the week including our trip to the garlic festival and JC's fourteen month post!!! I can't believe he's already another month older! Ok, a little late, but here is our week in iPhone pictures!


Monday, we had a grown up night at the state fair. I'm not sure why, but the ground in front of a food vendor's booth was sticky. Like, CRAZY sticky. The sign was definitely necessary. Of course there's the fair rides. You can see the Zipper in this shot; that ride has become our fair staple. Although, after this last time, I'm not sure I will ever willingly go on that ride again. And I just thought that food vendor would look cool "instagrammed". And it does.


Tuesday, I got a picture of my awesome new tint job on my ride. It helps tremendously with the heat, which I'm sure JC appreciates. JC had to have a squeezy pouch break on our way to pick up Charles for our picnic lunch. Do you see this crazy sandwich? It was out-of-control how delicious it was. Great, now I want a sandwich. We hung out by the pond for a bit before we had to drop Charles back off at work. And JC was a great helper in the kitchen while I was making dinner, which was (as you can see) spaghetti.


Wednesday, JC and I hit up our grocery store circuit. We checked out some peppers and JC insisted on holding the apple juice. After we hit up Trader Joe's, JC had to try the squeezy pouches that we got there. He's kind of a squeezy pouch addict.


Thursday, JC spent most of the day pushing that train back and forth. He was pretty much on a loop about twenty times. After Charles got home, I managed to sneak away for a dinner date with an former co-worker of mine. That is a Patron pomegranate margarita from Chili's. It was amazing.


Friday, we went out to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican spots. JC munched on some cheerios while we enjoyed our chips and salsa. My mom and brother came into town this day. When Charles got home from work, we enjoyed little serenade. And JC closed out the night by playing with a cat toy. And having the time of his life.

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I feel like I have so much to do this week! I have like three posts that I need to write, my etsy shop is still in limbo and I need to keep up with everything at the house too. Hmmm, if only I didn't need to sleep.

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