Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the bike trailer's maiden voyage

Last Christmas, Charles's sister gave us a bike trailer. JC was only six months at the time and it was winter so the bike trailer sat in the garage for awhile. Now that he's finally big enough and the weather was nice, we decided to shake off the spider webs and go for a ride.

jc in bike trailer 3
{ getting strapped in }

I wasn't sure how JC was going to "take" the ride since he has shown a great disdain for his stroller and this is a kinda similar idea. So we made sure he had a companion to keep him company.

jc in bike trailer 2
{ elmo was a great ride along buddy}

We only went for a ride around the block just to see how he would do. He actually seemed to really enjoy himself. I think we are ready for a longer trip but I want to get a bike helmet for him before we actually go on the road.

jc in bike trailer
{ it took me at least four attempts and almost eating sidewalk three times to get this picture }

By the way, do you know how difficult it is to take a picture while you are riding a bike? Very.


  1. super cute!!! uncle kris

  2. haha, i DO know how hard it is to get a picture while riding a bike! we did it a couple weeks ago when parker was in his trailer. hopefully you get to take it out on a big ride soon :)


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