Friday, July 29, 2011

picnic lunches

One of my favorite part of this summer has been surprising Charles a couple of times now with a picnic lunch. JC and I pick up a couple sandwiches and head over to Charles' job at lunch time. Charles works very close to a big park so we go over there and find a shady spot to enjoy our sandwiches.

The best part about any park is the ducks (duh). JC got to have his first real duck encounter. I was surprised that this duck let us get so close to him without any bread to entice him.

duck encounter1

duck encounter2

duck encounter

I'm pretty sure I heard JC say "duck" a couple of times. He definitely said "bird".

We also got to experience JC's new favorite activity: pointing. At everything. I think because there was so much new stuff, JC was in pointing overload.




You can see how much work it took to get this picture

picnic time

I love going to this park because the trees are huge and there are no shortage of geese and ducks. I'm excited to do more surprise picnic lunches this summer!

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