Sunday, July 17, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.9

Errrr, I was pretty bad about taking pictures this week. In fact, I barely touched my phone the whole time my sister and brother were here. Oh well, I got some good ones when I did take pictures.

july 17, 2011

Sunday, we went to the antique fair that they hold month on the second Sunday of the month. This HELLA creepy doll spotted me at one of the vendor's booths and JC got to try his best to balance on this tractor so as not to need a tetanus shot. Thursday, (yeah quite a bit of a gap there) JC and I woke up to a quiet house so we watched some Sesame Street in our jammie jams. Friday, JC tried to sneakily get to the dog toys that for some reason are put out of his reach. And we practiced some more shaky walking. Saturday, our besties had their second baby boy!! Congratulations Kris, Moriah and Marley! Baby Max is adorable! JC wasn't having much patience while we waited at the floral counter at Safeway. I was detoured on the way home by this shop coming in by our house. Um, what. Donuts AND Yogurt? And if you can read, the little green circle says AND MORE! What else is there?? We managed to get home with enough time for me to put together a lovely bouquet WITH a balloon (see Moriah, it did exist) that ended up detaching itself from the string as we arrived at the hospital. I haven't had very good luck with balloons lately.

Today we finally tried out our bike trailer for the baby! Hopefully I'll be able to post about that soon.

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  1. donuts AND yogurt?? that is too much. i'm jealous. and yeah, that doll is cah-reeeepy!!


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