Sunday, July 3, 2011

jc at thirteen months

jc at thirteen months

Baby Man is thirteen months old as of the first! It's so crazy how much he has changed just in this last month.

The biggest development that I've noticed is his speech. He has learned so many new words and he understands so much. I'm always surprised by what words he remembers and how much he comprehends. "Mama", "dada", "baby", "happy" (all time best moment was during a diaper change, as I wiped his booty he yells out "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!"), "ball", "bread" (more like "Beh!"), "bath", "yeah", "banana" (more like "nana"), "kitty", and "doggie" are all words that I can say, for sure, that he can say. He says what sounds like "thank you" sometimes when I had him something that he wants. I'm still not 100% certain on that one, he kinda mumbles it. I also think he says "MO!" in response to Elmo. At the beginning of the month, I would say that he knew about three words and he has more than doubled that.

He likes to go shopping with me, going out to lunch with his daddy, playing in his baby pool, rubbing the cat's tail in his face, throwing things across the room and then chasing after it, watching the washing machine and dryer in action, taking everything out of the diaper bag, playing with empty water bottles, and watching Sesame Street.

He doesn't like getting his face cleaned off, having to sit still for longer than 60 seconds, really long car rides, being in his stroller for longer than twenty minutes, and any other books besides "Biscuit".

jc at thirteen months smiling

We've got three teeth and two more JUST waiting to cut through. It doesn't seem like teething is bothering him so much but he has his moments.

Two naps a day are still our standard, although I think he's getting somewhat close to dropping his afternoon nap. His morning nap is usually close to three hours long (I know, I'm lucky) but his afternoon nap is usually about an hour to an hour and half long and sometimes he skips it all together but then he is really tired by bedtime.

Still no walking yet but I'm not concerned. He seems to be just fine crawling around. I'm trying to enjoy my pre-walker a little longer before he really can get into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I think he's really close to be able to stand without pulling himself up using something else. If that makes sense.

jc scrunching nose

This is, by far, my favorite face that he makes.

Mealtimes are getting a little easier. I just try to pay attention to his cues a little better and I always keep some baby friendly food in the diaper bag. His favorite food is definitely bread, of any kind. Banana bread, garlic bread, beer bread, plain bread, you name it. Breakfast is almost always yogurt, mixed with either rice cereal or oatmeal and blueberries. He loves snacking on bananas, oranges, and nutrigrain bars (I like the Trader Joe ones). Pasta is also a favorite, as long as he likes the sauce that it's in. He's starting to get over his egg boycott that he seemed to be on at the beginning of the month but he still is not super stoked on them. I still struggle to include vegetables into his diet. Oh and he hates milk. Since he eats yogurt almost everyday I don't worry about it too much but I still would like for him to drink it. He'll drink chocolate milk. :) But not regular milk.

I'm so excited to see what the next month has in store. Every month, we get closer and closer to seeing his little personality shine through. I can tell you will all certainty that he is definitely a ladies man. He will straight up check out little girls as they walk by. Doesn't even try to hide it. And he gives the biggest smiles to the friendly women who stop to say hi to him at the grocery store. He loves to laugh and do his "happy dance" when he's having a really good time. He enjoys being around people and he's very friendly toward most everyone. He really is just the greatest little person I've ever met.

Happy thirteen months JC!!


  1. What a cutie! Crazy how fast it all goes isn't it?

    Following you back from, glad we are hooked up on one anothers blogs now!

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  4. Oh goodness! My little girl turned 5 months today, and already time seems to be slipping away from me! Your little boy is so sweet! Nice to *meet* you!

    New follower from Super Stalker Sunday! Visit us as! ~Jeniffer


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