Saturday, July 23, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.10

Whoo hoo! I did way better with pictures this week! We did a lot of running around this week. If you read my post about goals for the rest of the year, you'd know that one of my goals was to open an etsy shop. I've been doing so much prep for that this week and I'm so excited to finally open shop. My goal is to get everything open by the first of August. We'll see!!


Monday, Grandma Janie came over for a little bit in the morning. JC and Tsunami had to say bye. The afternoon was spent running all over the house and getting into new cabinets that he hadn't discovered yet. In the evening, we went to Papa John's house and got to sit in the big chair. JC also had his first experience with corn-on-the-cob. I'm not sure he got much corn off of it but he got a little butter. And I think that was alright by him. And one bathtime nudie pic. That belly gets me everytime.


Tuesday, was a little less crazy. We hung out in the Old Navy dressing room while I tried on some shorts (fail). Then we hit up the grocery store and JC couldn't wait to dig into his favorite pasta. And my Toddler 411 book finally came!! I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed with it so far. I was looking for more advice on discipline but it's kinda generalized. I guess every kid's different sooooo. If you have advice for disciplining an almost 14 month old, it would be much appreciated.


Wednesday, JC slept in until 10:20! It was crazy. Of course, as soon as I tried to do something he woke up. This was a new discovery this week; apparently, we have a busy little beaver on our hands. I guess I need to get one of those gummy crib protector thingys now. We got JC's new sandals!! These are his first pair of "legit" shoes. He's definitely not as good at walking in them as he is while barefoot but practice makes perfect, right? Right before nap time, we hit up Goodwill to get stuff for my etsy store. Found a couple cute items. Then, it was frappacino o'clock. This definitely doesn't fit with my plan of making healthier choices but I haven't had one in soooooooooooo long. I deserved it. And JC is super adorable when he brushes his teeth. I just wish he would let us brush his teeth also.


Thursday, we hit up Target to get stuff for the backpack we donated. School supply shopping! Then we came home and played a little before dinner. JC tried to share Curious George and he continued his "ball" obsession (I realize how that sounds...teehee) by pointing to his alphabet train to proclaim the he found the "BALL!" on it. This kid loves balls (teehee) so much, they are definitely his favorite toy right now. We had the most awesome pizza for dinner. It straight up had balsamic vinegar on it. SO GOOD! Healthy factor, notsomuch. LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING! Points if you get the reference. We finished out the night by playing with JC's second favorite "toy", the spatula. He carries this thing E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. And he tries to beat the cat with it, but we try to discourage that. He also had been carrying around the pack of Uno cards this week so I finally gave him what he wanted.


Friday, JC played with another game cabinet discovery while I gave the dog a much needed bath. Hey, whatever works. During naptime, I worked on something for my etsy shop. And I die a little bit when I see this picture. This kid loves to play peek-a-boo and be chased. He goes around the corner and waits for you to come and then he crawls full speed to get away. All while giggling uncontrollably. He's awesome.

Well, that was our week! Just going over it again made me tired. Alright, now I've got to try to get some other stuff done before the boss wakes up.

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  1. love love love how you did the days of the week on your post! im gonna have to copy that! good luck on the etsy shop! etsy is the best!

  2. Check out "The Happiest Toddler on the Block." It's a little weird, but when I do what he says, it works. I'll see if I can find my copy and I'll send it your way.


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