Sunday, July 10, 2011

week in iphone pics, w.8

Thought I'd try a different format for my iPhone pictures post this week. I think it will be work because I'm really lazy it's more efficient.

july 9, 2011

Sunday, we gave kisses to our world music bear, shared some cheerios, and went diggin in the toy box. Monday, we skyped with Grandma Stella in the morning. Tuesday, JC was wearing his sun hat in preparation for swimming in our big pool for the first time. Wednesday, JC really started picking up steam pushing his little cart all over the house. Some adorable baby toes. Thursday, drinking some H2O before enjoying some delicious Chipotle. Friday, I prepared some way too saucy noodles to lunch. Daddy/baby time. Annnnnd we had cereal for dinner. Saturday, JC helped me pick up some cake pop supplies at Jo-Ann.

My sister and brother are coming in Sunday!! So excited!

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  1. skype is our favorite activity! looks like a fun week :)


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