Wednesday, October 5, 2011

jc at sixteen months

I can't believe I'm writing this post already. And JC was officially sixteen months four days ago so I'm actually late! Every month is bringing so many new changes but I feel really overwhelmed when I imagine life a year ago. JC was just four months old and the difference between then and now has been astronomical. People are awesome.

sixteen months

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We had a really fun photo shoot at my parent's new house over the weekend. They were actually just moving in but JC and I couldn't wait to run around in their backyard. Because we have a pool at our house, JC's running around time is very limited. He is not a fan of grass, so he stayed on the little brick patio but managed to entertain himself with a found soccer ball and a few pebbles that resembled balls.

BTW, I don't think I've expressed how excited I am that my parents and little brother have moved back. We've hung out almost everyday since they've been back. Now, I've just got to convince my sister.

soccer ball collage

Last month I talked about the transition of going from two naps to one. It has actually been really great. I was upset about dropping his second nap but it's great because it gives us more time to get out and do stuff. JC is definitely getting to the point where he is not happy to just sit around the house all day.

For those keeping track, we got two more teeth this month. His top left lateral incisor and bottom right lateral incisor. No molars yet. I am really dreading their arrival.

He genuinely enjoys running errands, going to Target or the grocery store and he definitely enjoys getting to run free at the park. While I do love fall, in our neck of the woods it usually means the beginning of the rainy season so our park trips will have to be limited but I'm definitely going to bundle him up and take him out when it's not too wet. He just loves it so much.

JC has become a real social butterfly. He loves waving at everyone, especially other little kids. At the park, he will literally run up to another kid (without any prompting) and wave so hard I think his arm might fall off. Sometimes the kids reciprocate, sometimes they don't. I hope he doesn't get discouraged when they don't. It's so adorable.

looking up

That look gets me every time. The way he moves in the world is beautiful. I love to watch his eyes take everything in. Even just watching him scan the shelves at the grocery store, you can really see him trying to learn and understand.

Some new words this month include "cheese", "teeth", "belly", "juice" and "yummy". He'll also make "mmm mmm mmm" sounds if something that he is eating is particularly delicious. He's going through a picky phase (at least, I hope it's a phase) where he doesn't really want to eat different things. Things like pasta that I could always count on have become hit or miss. He'll pretty much always eat a piece of cheese or suck down a squeezy pouch but everything else really depends on the day. I try my best to give him a healthy variety but there are some nights where I throw my hands up in the air and make him a PB&J. Again.

sitting down collage

JC doesn't like: grass, things that feel "squirmy" or "sticky", taking a shower with me, being told to not play in the dog's water dish.

JC loves: blocks, his teddy bear, sleeping in, Sid the Science Kid, Lucy our cat, and the park.

So excited to let JC run around this autumn. He can really experience my favorite season for the first time.


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