Tuesday, October 4, 2011

buff mama monday w.9, an off week

weight loss progress week 8

Soooo this week wasn't the greatest. I didn't gain any weight! But I also didn't lose any. Womp womp woooooommmpp.

A big part of my issue is I look at food in a social aspect. I can eat well all day long when I am at home with JC. I even do alright when Charles comes home for lunch and after work. But god forbid my family come into town. All hell breaks lose. McDonald's, pizza, Taco Bell. All of these were consumed without regard for calories, fat content or greasiness. And a whole lot of it. When I'm hanging out with people, eating food becomes something fun and I always find an excuse to eat WAY too much. That is definitely a habit that I need to break.

Oh and I didn't go to the gym for four days in a row. Sad face.

It sounds so stupid, but I really have felt like crap the last couple days. I'm cranky and have zero energy. When I eat crap and don't workout, I feel horrible. I guess that's a good thing.

All that being said, I'm really really happy that I didn't gain any weight. But I really need to get my focus back, especially if I'm trying to get to my ten pound weight goal before we go to Vegas. So I'm back on my "plan" and I'm going to try to go the gym with no more than a two day gap in between visits.

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